As an addict involved in the LDS Addiction Recovery Program, I had to dig deep to find and embrace my inner Mormon. What follows is my journal from this point forward.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Camp Letter to my Daughter

You are a funny little big girl. Your efforts to do the right things in spite of yourself make for a very interesting home. We could go on and on about your wonderful self as we have in previous letters. This time we will use this opportunity to talk about your future. 

It is a bright future, one for which you should have much hope. You will be coming into your own this year, realizing your own freedom to choose and seeking to maximize that freedom. It is a time of worry for many parents, but not so much for us this time. You will be tempted, but you have demonstrated strength of spirit and a testimony of Christ. We hope it will continue to grow and you will remember the path set before you in your future plans.

Remember that you have been called to be something more than most in this future. You are called to help gather Israel. You will have to discover your role in this. What it means for all of us is that we must be true to our covenants we have made in the pas and that we must be willing to make other  covenants in the future. 

In our efforts to be accepting of all people, let’s also remember our own standards. Continue to love and bless the lives of all people as you currently do. Remember as well that these people are endeared to you for a light you have. They do not understand it and may not even know that this is what attracts them to you, but one day they will. Be true to the light of the gospel at all times.

We know you have worries about relationships. We have prayed about those as well and can tell you that we have no worries about this in you. When the time is right, you will meet the right man and you will have a life that will be filled with memorable times. The Lord will bless your marriage and you will have more to love in life than most can hope for. We ask only that you keep your standards high and that you marry in the Lord’s house. You may not understand this now, and you may not fully understand it when you marry, but I assure you that in your later years, you will understand it. Then you will find yourself on your knees giving thanks to the Lord for your choice.

Look for the opportunities to share your heart with others. You will achieve great things through the smallest of means. Widespread recognition may not be in your future. But you will leave a trail of happy memories for those whom pass in and out of your life. Never pass up a chance to greet another with love. This alone can change the course of lives. Your gift for charity is rare and should be shared often.

We love you and give you this advice for the future because we have so much peace in your life right now.

Mom and Dad

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