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Saturday, October 1, 2011

9 less good tips for Tweeting during General Conference

If you really want good tips for conference go to WBMW's Blog.  If you want to see my ideas before I have taken my medication, then here you go:

Seriously, before you look at these, go here.  Its so much more helpful.

1. Acronyms: Using the letter pronounced like "oh" followed by the letter pronounced "em" followed by "gee" will get you unfollowed fast. Just leave "eff" out to the whole thing.  

2. Repeating exaclty what was spoken is as common as it is annoying.

3. If C. Scott Grow speaks, it is customary to tweet "Grow Scott grow."

4. Yes, Pres. Uchtdorf is rather attractive, but exclamating it on a tweet while he speaks is not only creepy, it likely makes Elder Bednar a bit jealous.

5. Choir memebers sing with different and at times, with unusual expressions.  Keep specific observations to yourself.

6. Acronyms2: If using "GA" let us know if that means "General Authority,""Great and Abominable," or "Georgia."

7. It is unacceptable to tweet "Green Jello Shot" during song interludes.

8. "Tweeting a link to another conference talk or article is implies intelligence. Writing a blog that refernces conference talks and then tweeting that blog before the General Authority, who's talk inspired you to blog, has finished, That's just showing off."

9. Granted, politically liberal Mormons are uncommon, but not extinct. The speakers are not talking politics, don't turn it into politics. Debates about passing laws to move the date of Arbor day are the only known exception.

10. Now go to  real tips on good General Conference tweeting.

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